Sandhurst Ontario SSRA Members' Website
Located on the Loyalist Parkway, between Kingston and Picton, on the shores of Lake Ontario, Sandhurst is one of Ontario's hidden gems!  Many well known towns such as Picton, Bloomfield, Greater Napanee, Bath, Adolphustown are just minutes away from Sandhurst.  Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto are all just a couple of hours.

The purpose of this site is to post information of interest to residents in the area, and in particular, to SSRA members.  Do you live in Sandhurst and you're not a member? - Why not take the time to contact a board member and join today; your membership helps support community activities and the care of our park area!


New Executive.  Chair is Noel O'Neil, Vice-Chair is Art Dolan, Secretary is Tosha Reid, Treasurer is Barrie Collins, Coordinator is Al Lemieux.

  Dorland Fire Station is now operational.  It is equipped with medical supplies and a defibrillator.  Contact your home insurance provider as you may qualify for a lower rate now.

Odds n Ends

Cell phone and wireless internet coverage continues to improve in our area.  Currently Rogers has the best cell-phone coverage with a tower near Conway; Bell is installing a new tower in the Loyalist area that should improve its coverage in our area as well.  Bell and Rogers both offer wireless internet, (WiMax) which was recently deployed in Kingston - further coverage into Sandhurst should be in the next few months; its an alternative to the service provided by KOS in Kingston, with the feature of being portable and not requiring outdoor antennas.

SSRA Memberships

The annual fee is $75.00 - and is important to the association for the purposes of maintaining the park.  If you live in Sandhurst please join!


Burning is allowed in an approved container.  Contact the fire department at 613-352-3415 before starting your fire.

Gazebo Bookings

To book please call Tosha Reid.